7pcs Magnetic S2 Steel Ball End Hexagon Head Hex Screwdriver Bits Drill

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Product descriptions:
Magnetic Hexagonal Ball Head 65mm screwdriver bar. S2 high quality steel
This batch of head using S2 high quality steel, batch head surface for steel material color, from inside to outside are the same.
Good material does not need to make the surface decoration through the exterior decoration, the quality of the batch is to look at the intrinsic material.Powerful Function:
Strong magnetic,can suck the screws easily when used it.Wide Using Application:
Can be used for manual electric screwdriver, screwdriver, drill, air and other tools.Exquisite Workmanship:
Exquisite workmanship, each edge can be accurately locked screws, no damage to the screw,
and the screwdriver head.7 in 1 Professional Size Package
Professional multi size package, hexagonal handle on the edge of 6.35mm.65mm length.
Use different sizes to screw, will damage screwdriver and the screw! Using the correct screwdriver bar, pay the less effort, and can easily unscrew the screws!
Material: S2 high quality steel
Size: H2,H2.5,H3,H4,H5,H6,H8

Package Content:
7 x 65mm Screwdriver Bar Bits

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